- Goldchip technology trademark of Semiconix Corporation for known good die , flip chip , bare die , wafer foundry for discrete semiconductors, , integrated circuits and integrated passive components manufactured by Semiconix Semiconductor,CROSS REFERENCE, ZXT13P20DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT214C,ZXT2M322,ZXT2M322TA,ZXT3M322,ZXT3M322TA,ZXT3M322TA,ZXT855STZ,ZXT855STZ,ZXTCM322TA,ZXTD3M832TA,ZXTDAM832TA,ZXTDCM832TA,ZY,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-02701,Z-Y0660,Z-Y0660,ZY10,ZY10,ZY10,ZY10,ZY100,ZY11,ZY110,ZY110,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY120,ZY120,ZY13,ZY13,ZY130,ZY15,ZY15,ZY150,ZY150,ZY150,ZY16,ZY16,ZY18,ZY180,Z-Y1H60-0002AR,Z-Y1H60-0002AR,Z-Y1H60-0012AR,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H620012AR,Z-Y1H620012AR,ZY20,ZY200,ZY200,ZY22,ZY220,ZY24,ZY24,ZY240,ZY27,ZY270,ZY30,ZY30,ZY30,ZY300,ZY33,ZY330,ZY36,ZY360,ZY39,ZY43,ZY47,ZY47,ZY47,ZY5.1,ZY5.6,ZY51,ZY56,Z-Y5660-01868,ZY6.2,ZY6.2,ZY6.2,ZY6.8,ZY68,ZY7.5,ZY7.5V,ZY75,ZY75,ZY75,ZY8.2,ZY82,ZY9.1,ZY91,ZYIC-002,ZYM12,ZZ,ZZ85C8010VSC,ZZMMBT4401-NS, CROSS REFERENCE, ZXT13P20DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT13P40DE6TA,ZXT214C,ZXT2M322,ZXT2M322TA,ZXT3M322,ZXT3M322TA,ZXT3M322TA,ZXT855STZ,ZXT855STZ,ZXTCM322TA,ZXTD3M832TA,ZXTDAM832TA,ZXTDCM832TA,ZY,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-01834,Z-Y0160-02701,Z-Y0660,Z-Y0660,ZY10,ZY10,ZY10,ZY10,ZY100,ZY11,ZY110,ZY110,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY12,ZY120,ZY120,ZY13,ZY13,ZY130,ZY15,ZY15,ZY150,ZY150,ZY150,ZY16,ZY16,ZY18,ZY180,Z-Y1H60-0002AR,Z-Y1H60-0002AR,Z-Y1H60-0012AR,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-03848,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H60-04170,Z-Y1H620012AR,Z-Y1H620012AR,ZY20,ZY200,ZY200,ZY22,ZY220,ZY24,ZY24,ZY240,ZY27,ZY270,ZY30,ZY30,ZY30,ZY300,ZY33,ZY330,ZY36,ZY360,ZY39,ZY43,ZY47,ZY47,ZY47,ZY5.1,ZY5.6,ZY51,ZY56,Z-Y5660-01868,ZY6.2,ZY6.2,ZY6.2,ZY6.8,ZY68,ZY7.5,ZY7.5V,ZY75,ZY75,ZY75,ZY8.2,ZY82,ZY9.1,ZY91,ZYIC-002,ZYM12,ZZ,ZZ85C8010VSC,ZZMMBT4401-NS, Semiconix Semiconductor designs and manufactures analog devices built on semiconductor linear technology. Semiconix Semiconductor Designs and manufactures standard and custom bipolar and MOS analog devices, semiconductors, analog integrated circuits, discrete components for high performance systems such as cellular/wireless, video amplifiers, heart pacemakers and medical imaging systems. Standard semiconductor components are designed and manufactured for space, medical, telecommunications and military applications only. Company's technology road map is including SiGe epi devices for high speed RF bipolars and high speed fiber optic and optoelectronic applications. Analog devices, ASIC analog design and manufacturing: Semiconix produces a series of semi-custom bipolar analog devices in arrays that are customized by designing a specific metal interconnection mask. The arrays contain a large number of undedicated active and passive components, i.e. transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, MOSFET s, LDMOS, photodiodes, phototransistors, etc. Since wafers are stocked before the metal mask, the custom IC development phase is shorter and far less expensive compared to conventional full custom ICs. Customers may provide own analog design. Optoelectronic components: photodiodes, photodiodes arrays, phototransistors, position sensing devices, optocouplers, optoisolators, photodarlington, high voltage phototransistors output, Schottky infrared detectors. Discrete semiconductors: Schottky diodes, Zenner diodes, TVS, small signal bipolar transistors, high voltage bipolar transistors, matched pair bipolar transistors, small signal JFET s and MOSFET s, MCT (MOS controlled tyristors), IGBT. Semiconix 's Divisions: HTE Labs Provides Wafer Foundry, R&D support and Specialty Wafer Fab Processing (including thin film vacuum deposition services) to customers from semiconductors and microelectronics industry. Wafer foundry includes the following processes: 20V, 45V, 75V, 25V super-beta and high voltage dielectric isolated bipolar process. R&D support is provided in the following fields of microelectronics: thin film active and passive components technologies, flip chip technology (TiW/Cu/Cu/SnPb), sensor technologies (inertial, pressure, temperature, gas and smoke detectors), optoelectronic technologies and components, discrete and integrated circuits technology development for special applications, LiNbO3 applications like SAW, Ti diffused, light wave guides and Mach-Zender light modulators. Specialty wafer fab processing: epitaxy, SiGe, epi, diffusion and oxidation, ion implant, LPCVD and PECVD Si3N4, SiO2, platinum silicidation, photo-lithography, plasma etching, silicon micro-machining by KOH anisotropic etch, sputter depositions of Ti/Ni/Ag lift off process, Ti/Pt/Au lift off process, sputter depositions of thin film resistors : SiCr, NiCr, TaN2, silicon wafers back grind and polish followed by trimetal backside sputter depositions, gold backside sputter depositions and alloy : gold electroplating and gold bump. SEMICONWELL designs and manufacture standard and custom Integrated Passive Networks - IPN for the personal computer, telecommunications, industrial controls, automotive, avionics. The Integrated Passive Networks are a sum of resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and schottky diodes and are available in through hole and surface mounted packages. SEMICONWELL is supplying integrated termination, filters and ESD protection for use in mobile phones, PDAs, personal computers, notebooks, routers, hubs, internet appliances. Standard Devices - Most standard devices include resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes and schottky diodes networks and are inventoried by the designated part numbers and can be ordered on line, from factory or from distributors. Custom Devices - Custom IPN (Integrated Passive Networks) are manufactured from customer's prints upon request. US MICROWAVES develops, manufactures and supplies high quality standard microwave thin film circuits and microwave devices including RF bipolars for hybrid chip and wire applications as follows: microwave thin film circuits, custom manufacturing from customer's data, spiral chip inductors - ceramic, sapphire and quartz substrate, thin film resistors - ceramic, silicon and quartz substrates, multi-tap thin film resistors - ceramic and silicon substrates, capacitors MIS for chip and wire applications, MNOS capacitors, MOS capacitors, ceramic capacitors, Schottky, PIN, tunnel, SRD, varactor and zero bias diodes, RF NPN and PNP transistors, high speed LDMOS and T MOSFET s, MMIC - RF IC s silicon and SiGe.

semiconix semiconductor - where the future is today - gold chip technology CROSS REFERENCE

ZXT13P20DE6TA ZXT13P40DE6 ZXT13P40DE6TA ZXT13P40DE6TA ZXT13P40DE6TA ZXT13P40DE6TA ZXT214C ZXT2M322 ZXT2M322TA ZXT3M322 ZXT3M322TA ZXT3M322TA ZXT855STZ ZXT855STZ ZXTCM322TA ZXTD3M832TA ZXTDAM832TA ZXTDCM832TA ZY Z-Y0160-01834 Z-Y0160-01834 Z-Y0160-01834 Z-Y0160-02701 Z-Y0660 Z-Y0660 ZY10 ZY10 ZY10 ZY10 ZY100 ZY11 ZY110 ZY110 ZY12 ZY12 ZY12 ZY12 ZY12 ZY120 ZY120 ZY13 ZY13 ZY130 ZY15 ZY15 ZY150 ZY150 ZY150 ZY16 ZY16 ZY18 ZY180 Z-Y1H60-0002AR Z-Y1H60-0002AR Z-Y1H60-0012AR Z-Y1H60-03848 Z-Y1H60-03848 Z-Y1H60-03848 Z-Y1H60-04170 Z-Y1H60-04170 Z-Y1H60-04170 Z-Y1H60-04170 Z-Y1H60-04170 Z-Y1H620012AR Z-Y1H620012AR ZY20 ZY200 ZY200 ZY22 ZY220 ZY24 ZY24 ZY240 ZY27 ZY270 ZY30 ZY30 ZY30 ZY300 ZY33 ZY330 ZY36 ZY360 ZY39 ZY43 ZY47 ZY47 ZY47 ZY5.1 ZY5.6 ZY51 ZY56 Z-Y5660-01868 ZY6.2 ZY6.2 ZY6.2 ZY6.8 ZY68 ZY7.5 ZY7.5V ZY75 ZY75 ZY75 ZY8.2 ZY82 ZY9.1 ZY91 ZYIC-002 ZYM12 ZZ ZZ85C8010VSC ZZMMBT4401-NS

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